Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rising Star: Johnny Hobbes

Nothing is wrong with music to turn up to or trap music. It's all forms of expression, and it gives listeners choices. Although this is true, in a time where the market and the radio waves are flooded with boastful rhymes about weed, sex, clothes, and strip clubs it is quite a breath of fresh air to hear someone use their talents to speak about things that everyday people can relate to. The artist I'm talking about is a rising star by the name of Johnny Hobbes. His stage name consists of the first name Johnny, which is his middle name and his uncle's first name. His Uncle was like a father to him, so the name represents family, heritage, and his struggle. His last name is from the philosopher Thomas Hobbes whom he credits as sparking his interest in learning. During my time speaking with the young artist, I was able to learn a variety of things that made him into the person that he is today.

Top 3 Jobs that Tommy from The Martin Show Most Likely Had

In the 90's one of the most popular African American TV shows was the sitcom Martin starring Martin Lawrence. The Martin show came to prominence mostly from the hilarious performances of the leading actor. His ability to play a large variety of characters (Jerome, Roscoe, Otis, etc) easily makes him the funniest and most important character on the show. However, there are reoccurring themes that make the other main characters almost just as funny. For example, Pam and Martin's beef that always leads to name calling such as inch high private eye or insisting that Pam was raised by wolves. There is Cole and Big Shirly's relationship which stirs up constant jokes, and the fact that Cole lives at home with his mother, both are reoccurring themes in the show. The funniest to me is the persistent mentioning of Tommy's lack of a job, and the constant curiosity of what Tommy does for a living. All this reaches its boiling point on episode number 10 on Season 3 entitled "Get a Job". Being that this is my favorite reoccurring theme on the show, I decided to make a top 3 list of jobs Tommy most likely had.